Verifying Aryacoin OmniLayer Asset on Xerxes Wallet

2 min readSep 17, 2021

In our previous tutorial we explained how to create an asset on Aryacoin’s OmniLayer using Create Asset functionality on Xerxes Wallet :

Now moving on to verifying and adding a logo for your token:

Step1: Fork the Aryacoin’s Assets Github repository which is located at:

You can do this by clicking the ‘Fork’ Button on the top left corner:

Step2: Navigate to the directory assets/blockchains/aryacoin and create a new folder with the PropertyID of the Asset you want to verify/add:

In our case we created a folder with the name 4 as we are adding the Logo and Info for RAHA token which has a Property ID 4. You can find your property in the Xerxes Wallet:

Step3: Add your logo as a .png file of dimensions 256x256.

The file name should be logo.png :

Step4: Add the info.json file with the following information:

Add as much info as possible with a higher chance of getting accepted.

Step5: Create a pull request on Github and pay the fees

The next step would be to create a pull request on Github. Once you send the pull request , Sumbit the PR Fee of 2000 AYA to the address `AS16rKAkb1zo2NqUaDm2zNQriVQxruLVpD` . Once the fee is paid the PR will be verified and the Token should show up as verified on Xerxes wallet with the Logo and the verified yes tag :

And thats all




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