Stable Toman coin on Aryacoin Blockchain

  1. Aryacoin Layer :
  1. Issuance
  2. Burning
  3. Transfers
  4. Trades
  1. Issuing the stable coins and keeping a track of the issued coins
  2. Maintaining reserves of real fiat currencies , which should always be more than or equal to the circulating supply of the stable token.
  3. Facilitating deposits and withdrawals of the fiat currencies along with issuance and locking of the extra currency reserves.
  1. Region based restrictions
  2. KYC restrictions
  3. Accounting and tax restrictions
  4. High transaction fees
  5. Long transaction times
  1. The stable coins do not completely act like Aryacoin , but instead operates over the chain and thus not all standard functionalities are included in the newly generated tokens.
  2. The value of the coins is dependent on the reserves held by the team, so the team needs to always have reserves equal to more than the circulating supply.
  3. The value still is dependent on applications/exchanges accepting the coins without any restrictions.
  1. The Aryacoin blockchain allows fast and easy transactions with low fees and low confirmation times.
  2. Introduces decentralization in the fiat like system and allows transparency . security and reliability in transactions.
  3. Allows multisig transactions for multiple use cases allowing trustless transactions and opens up the coins for a lot of different use cases.
  4. Allows transactions without restrictions of standard fiat transactions.
  1. KYC/AML requirements must be fulfilled by users and the Aryacoin team should make sure to keep the process integrity.
  2. The reserve funds are stored in banks and thus pose traditional risks included with traditional banks and fiat funds. The Aryacoin Team has measures to protect the funds and accounts from any such risks.
  3. For the coins to have real usage and value the coins must be accepted with a wide range of applications and exchanges. The Aryacoin team will be working with leading exchanges and wallets for integration of the coin to provide users with a wide range of uses for the coin.
  4. The process of issuance and redemption should be as transparent as possible to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem.
  5. The implementation incurs a single point of failure , which is being tackled already and the funds along with the resources for the whole ecosystem will be as distributed as possible.
  1. Allows creation of fixed and dynamic supply tokens.
  2. Allows crowdsales
  3. Tokenlayer comes with an integrated DEX, which would allow users to trade the tokens created on chain as well.




Aryacoin works to build a better cryptocurrency ecosystem by upholding the core principles of crypto.

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Aryacoin works to build a better cryptocurrency ecosystem by upholding the core principles of crypto.

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