Creating OmniAYA assets on Xerxes Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Wallet

3 min readSep 17, 2021

In this article we will go through the process of creating a token on Aryacoin Blockchain on Xeres Wallet.

Step1: Login/Unlock/Create a new Xeres Wallet

Step2: Go to the assets tab and click Create New Asset

Step3: Enter the details for the token you want to create

There are currently 2 token types available on Aryacoin OmniLayer:

  1. Fixed Supply
  2. Managed Supply

Fixed supply allows you to create tokens with a fixed supply which you will receive when creating the token. You can enter the total amount of tokens you which will be created in the form as shown above.

Managed Supply does not create any tokens at the time creation , but allows to Issue tokens and Burn tokens over time.

For this example we will be creating a token with Managed Supply:

Once after filling out the form make sure you have enough funds to pay the transaction fees for the transaction , which is 0.000040001 AYA.

Step4: Once all the info is filled , click on the Create Token Button

You can view the transaction by clicking on the “View Transaction” Link.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the token will show up in the Assets tab on the Wallet

Step5: Issue , Send and Receive your tokens

For Managed Tokens:

.To issue tokens , just select your token and enter the Issue Amount and Click Issue:

Once the transaction is confirmed on Aryacoin Blockchain you will be able to see the tokens in your wallet and you can send them to other address as well.

and thats all. You have your own Token on OmniAYA Layer.




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