AryaNet: The new age Network


AryaNet is a next gen network which would work over the Aryacoin Blockchain providing users with a secure gateway to access the internet and the sites hosted on the network in a fast and secure way. AryaNet will be deeply connected with Aryacoin and would depend on the Aryacoin Nodes for operation and to maintain decentralization. AryaNet will provide a decentralized web on which users can host their own sites on the nodes along with that it would allow users to use any site outside of AryaNet (on the internet) safely ,securely and without any restrictions.

Why Aryacoin Blockchain:

There are a lot of VPN’s, proxies and private networks available but those are centralized and owned by private companies and there have been examples where they have been found spying on users and even selling data without user permission. Blockchain allows anyone to run a Aryacoin Node and enable themselves as an server to join the network and to improve decentralization. Along with that nodes can be tracked with blockchain transactions for better transparency. The more nodes are running on the network the better decentralization can be achieved, along with this, it can result in a better network stability and security.

Along with this once Smart Contracts are rolled out on chain , that would enable smartcontract creators to directly host their smartcontract sites/interfaces on the Aryacoin chain with AryaNet rather than on external servers which would increase the durability and speed for such interfaces. Thus making them completely decentralized.

Decentralized Web and VPN:

Aryanet brings the benefits of both a VPN and Decentralized web together. The main goal for Aryanet is to server the sites decentralize hosted on Aryanet. But as we cannot expect all applications to migrate to AryaNet as all AryaNet sites will have to be directly be accessible by Nodes without any external interface thus needs to be hosted on the network itself rather than on external servers. Due to this reason AryaNet also acts as an secure and privacy first gateway to other sites on the internet as well, still keeping the whole network decentralized and not restricting users to only the sites hosted over AryaNet.

Benefits of hosting sites on AryaNet:

The sites hosted will have to pay very little fees on the network, which will inturn go to the node operators running the nodes and serving content on behalf of the site’s owner. These sites would be an integral part of the AryaNet and the Aryacoin ecosystem once Smart Contracts on the chain are rolled out as that would enable these websites to take advantage of the Smart Contract and server data and services completely on the blockchain without any external interface.

Security and data integrity:

Security is directly related with the number of nodes on the network. The more the nodes on the network the more the security as it makes it unpredictable to track to which network the user’s request will go to this discourages the node operator to be able to track any specific user and requests can be relayed over multiple nodes if necessary. This also enables better security as tracking transactions becomes harder as each user session can use a different node every time, so each user will be using a different node for each session making tracking and fingerprinting users harder.

For External Sites:

The data integrity is guaranteed by SSL and along with that each packet sent to the nodes is encrypted to improve data integrity even further. SSL enables that each request goes to the desired destination and is not tampered in between by the node operators. Along with this each session initiation will be recorded over chain, to better improve and identify any non performing nodes.( This step does not expose any user data but improves tracking of all the nodes, and this is also initiated by the nodes).

For Sites on AryaNet:

As in the case of sites being hosted on Aryacoin nodes the AryaNet based websites can be directly be accessed through the connected node this also eliminates any lag and increases security as destination in this case is the node the user is connected to. Moreover the data can be verified by the client do detect any wrongdoing by the node operator.

Node Operation:

As node operators have to provide high levels of bandwidth and high availability , they are rewarded based on the amount of users they serve and the amount of bandwidth they provide to the network. Along with this to further keep the network stable and fast, the nodes will also be judged based on the response time they provide for each request. If any nodes are dropping the requests or providing slow response the clients can automatically switch to other high performing nodes. To keep the network stable and fast the Aryacoin team itself will be running high performance and availability nodes based on multiple locations in the world to provide the users with fast and secure experience. Along with this each node would be assigned an Aryacoin Address for tracking and encryption purposes.

Subscription Fees:

Users will be required to pay a small monthly subscription fee in AYA , which would be used to reward the node operators. Due to this the node operators can profit and this would incentivize node operators and allow them to have some monetary advantage for running the node rather than just strengthening the network.

Hosting Fees:

Hosting sites on the Aryanet will also allow the nodes hosting the sites and providing bandwidth , storage and processing power to be able to gain extra incentive for hosting the AryaNet sites. The site owners might be incentivized based on the network they generate as well.

No Tracking:

Due to the security aspect there will be no logs kept by the nodes to improve anonymity of users and also not cause any legal issues for node operators.

Standard Flow:

The standard flow for a connection for user would be as follows:

  1. The Client queries the DNS seed nodes to grab the list of nodes available.

Client Software:

Initially we are planning to launch windows client to connect to the network and access the network securely , mobiles apps will be launched soon as well.

Initial Stages:

Currently the platform is under final stages of development and along with this undergoing testing as well.

Initially the code will remain private for a few months when the project is in Beta and nodes will be run by the team and selected community node operators , due to security . In this stage there will be a select few sites available and the sites available will be selected carefully by the team and any site operator can apply for listing at this stage.

Users will be able to use the network with its full capabilities and all features at this stage.

There will be online few handpicked sites in the beta stage will be selected to be hosted on AryaNet, soon as we move out of beta these will be made public as well and anyone could host their application without any restriction.

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Aryacoin works to build a better cryptocurrency ecosystem by upholding the core principles of crypto.

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Aryacoin works to build a better cryptocurrency ecosystem by upholding the core principles of crypto.