Aryacoin Pool Relaunch: Mine Aryacoin with confidence and security

2 min readMay 10, 2022

Aryacoin Team used to operate a mining pool but due to multiple attacks and the extra overhead with almost no users using the pool it was shutdown, the team still operated a pool to mine Aryacoin but the pool was not available to the public but based on the recent activities and demand from the community the team has decided to make the pool public again for all the users to use.

This usually is not an issue as Aryacoin is protected by Delayed proof of work by Komodo Team, thus even with low mining power the Aryacoin Blockchain is fairly secure against attacks like 51% and more.

The new pool is hosted at:

The stratum mining address:

The stratum Ports: 3008 , 3032, 3256

Users can use the following ports to connect their miner to the pool , users can also goto: to view the config based on the difficulties they want to use:

If any miners require higher difficulties they can contact the Aryacoin Team and the team will add difficulties based on the user’s requirements.

This new pool is more robust and user friendly and can handle higher miners loads as well to make sure users can mine on any hardware easily without any loss of shares.

The stats of the pool can be viewed at:

Currently the team operates a series of miners to keep the pool operational and currenlty at the time of writting the Aryacoin Pool is the major pool mining majority of the blocks. The team’s address for mining is currently: AGgTg6qKomooJaQRtWc76JJgXoBMedCPyR.

We believe this pool would allow users to participate in the consensus and decentralization more proactively by directly mining and running their own nodes.

The team would also like to hear feedback from the community about the pool and about more ecosystem improvements and suggestions that community would like to see.




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