Aryacoin DAO: Depositing Funds into the DAO Contract

3 min readJan 14, 2022


Aryacoin Team has deployed the new Aryacoin DAO contract on Binance Smart Chain (

Currently users can Deposit USDT on the contract to receive a share of Aryacoin Rewards along with Voting Power which would allow users to vote on important decisions related to the ecosystem going forward.

The deposit process is quite simple and allows anyone to Deposit into the contract:

Step1: Confirm that you have USDT on the Binance Smart Chain Network, if you dont have it , please go to to buy some USDT by exchanging other assets on Afraswap. For this example we will swap 0.1BNB to USDT

Swapping BNB to USDT on Afraswap

Step2: Once the transaction confirms , goto the url and enter the amount of USDT you want to deposit:

We are depositing 20USDT into the DAO Contract

Step3: Press Connect Wallet to Connect your desired Wallet

Select Metamask or Wallet connect

Note: If you are using a wallet like TrustWallet , Coinmi ,Guarda, Atomic Wallet please use the option ‘Wallet Connect”

You can find instructions to connect wallet connect for different wallets below:




Step4: Once Connected, Click Next to Approve the USDT Amount

After clicking next check your connected wallet application to approve the approval transaction

Make sure to verify the Contract address is: 0xc87233cd4ae74bc08c911139ece0e1cdde71d0b0

Step5: Wait for the approval to process , once the approval is processed you should see the Button Text change to “Complete Transaction”. Press on Complete Transaction

Click on Complete transaction to complete the process

Once you click on complete transaction , you should receive another transaction on you conenct wallet app. Approve the transaction in your wallet app and make sure the contract address the transaction is being sent to is: 0xc87233cd4ae74bc08c911139ece0e1cdde71d0b0

Click on confirm to approve the transaction after checking the details

Once the transaction has process you should see the success screen on

Transaction is complete

More over to verify the the transaction , you can check your last transaction on BSCScan, in our case the transaction was ( :

BScscan Deposit Transaction

As you can see 20 USDT was deducted from our balance and we received 20 AYA DAO tokens which are used for tracking.

Note: Please do not spend or transfer your AYA DAO tokens as they are used to keep track of rewards and if you dont have them you will not be able to claim the rewards.




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