Aryacoin Bridge: Reprocess stuck transactions

2 min readJan 14, 2022

This article will guide you to through the process to reprocess your stuck or unprocessed transaction through the Bridge. Currently the process is only applicable for BSC to AYA transactions. The BSC to AYA bridge is quite simple but we have noticed that users often leave without completing the final step thus the Bridge transaction gets stuck.

If you have such transaction , you can use the form at:

Step1: Goto the form and put in all the details and click “Connect Wallet”

Make sure to put the exact amount and the correct transaction ID(the transaction ID should not be the Bscscan link, it should be just the transaction ID)

Step2: Once your wallet is connected press the “Submit” button:

On clicking the Submit button you should recieve a signature request on the wallet used:

Once Signed the data should be processed and the transaction should be processed soon




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