Aryacoin Bridge: How to Bridge From BSC Mainnet to AYA Mainnet

2 min readJan 14, 2022

The Aryacoin Team has recently launched BSC Mainnet to AYA Mainnet Bridge allowing users to bridge their Wrapped Aryacoin Tokens to Aryacoin on AYA Mainnet.

The process is quite simple and here are the steps to acheive a smooth bridge experience:

Step1: Goto and select the From Chain as “Binance Smart Chain” and To Chain “Aryacoin Mainnet” , and enter the required details like “To Address” and the “Amount”. All fields are necessary or else the Bridge Transaction would fail.

Step2: Press Connect Wallet and select the appropiate connection

Once the wallet is connected, move onto the next step

Step3: Press Next and confirm the transaction on your wallet

Press Next to Trigger the transaction

Make sure the receiving address is “0xbd83f5b0B80B9bACf72CDa06fFCf8da54Ca46159” and make sure to recheck the amount on the confirmation screen of your wallet

Check and confirm the transaction

Step4: Wait for the transaction to confirm on the network and then complete the process by clicking “Complete Transaction”.

If you do not complete this step your transaction will not be processed!

Press on Complete Transaction

Pressing on complete transaction would trigger a signature request , once you sign the transaction the process should be complete.

Press sign to complete the transaction

Once completed you should see the completed success message.

If you have missed the last step , please checkout out reprocessing guide to reprocess your transaction.




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