Aryacoin: Andromeda and the future of blockchain

3 min readJun 27, 2022


The Aryacoin Team is excited to announce the plans the team has for the project going forward along with the 2 part code base update called “Andromeda” .

Recently Aryacoin’s Hardfork activated successfully, the current Hardfork was to update the notary nodes for the Delayed Proof of Work implementation which secures the chain agains attacks like 51%. The Hardfork was activated successfully and it marks the start of the Andromeda Update for the blockchain.

Due to the recent shift in the blockchain ecosystems around the globe and the rapid adoption of blockchain and the concept of metaverse ,its time that Aryacoin also rapidly moderizes from its roots which were based on Bitcoin to allow adding new features and use cases for the blockchain. This will also boost adoption of the chain overtime. Thus the name Andromeda is used we consider this update to be simillar to the merger of the Milkyway and the Andromeda , which would create a new galaxy with new features and would make it stronger and bigger than before.

The Andromeda update like the galaxy from which the name has been taken from would be huge and would work as an additional layer over the traditional AYA code base, thus keeping it optional for anyone who wants to update like the OmniLayer which was implemented on AYA. Like the galaxy its based on it would bring alot of new features and enhance the Aryacoin blockchain and will highly mordenize the currently AYA ecosystem and allow Aryacoin’s introduction to the metaverse. As this would be a huge update currently the team has not decided a timeline for it but that would be released soon.

The Andromeda layer update will be done in two different updates. The first update will consist of the base layer which would work like other Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM’s) and will allow users to use the standard 0x addresses linked with a AYA address to allow transactions, all transactions will be included in the standard Aryacoin blocks like normal transactions but would contain additional data and OP_CODES to allow the layer to work properly. Users will be able to run smart contracts , create tokens and more on the EVM layer using solidity. This will enable NFT , Tokens , and Metaverse developments over on Aryacoin without compromise to the actual Aryacoin blockchain, this enables the team to not do major changes in the main code base which allows only the platforms who want to use standard Aryacoin to not add up the Andromeda layer’s extra code.

We believe adding EVM layer over Aryacoin will allow high levels of integrations with already a big ecosystem of applications that support EVM’s The Andromeda layer will work as a translator between the native AYA chain and the EVM layer. Things like translating address , balances , transactions and more to EVM friendly formats allowing no change from applications to add in AYA Andromeda Layer.

The second part of this code base would be native applications , Dapps over at Andromeda layer and privacy integrated inside the layer itself thus allowing users highest levels of privacy and security in the ecosystem. These applications would allow users to use the multiple different applications without the need to go to other EVM’s , these applications would include things like Decentralized Exchanges , NFT Marketplaces, Metaverse games and more. Unlike standard EVM’s the Andromeda layer would allow utilize the Aryanet network to host applications and more on the blockchain itself and allow unrestricted access to all the applications in the ecosystem to everyone.

The latest Hardfork updates the Delayed Proof Of Work’s Notary Nodes which enable Aryacoin to secure agains attacks like 51% and allows the Aryacoin Blockchain to stay secure and be energy efficient by using less hash power. The Hardfork was activated successfully at block 1110400 and the deposits and withdrawals on different platforms should enabled soon.

The current HardFork marks the start of a new chapter in Aryacoin’s development and with Andromeda we aim to become the most unique and financial viable blockchain to exist. More details about Andromeda will be published soon along with the timeline.




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