The Aryacoin team is glad to announce that the Aryacoin CrossChain Bridge is live and it would allow users to Swap their Aryacoins to Wrapped Aryacoin on Networks like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Important Links and Informations:

Wrapped Aryacoin (AYA) Smart Contract Address: 0x86e5775f5c46304939c40959812bc220dd1c0333

Decimals: 8

Name: Wrapped Aryacoin

The Aryacoin Team is glad to announce that in the next month Aryacoin will be going Cross-Chain, allowing users to use AYA on different blockchains like ETH and BSC.

The reason for going cross chain:

The main reason of taking AYA cross chain is to allow users more options to…

In our previous tutorial we explained how to create an asset on Aryacoin’s OmniLayer using Create Asset functionality on Xerxes Wallet :

Now moving on to verifying and adding a logo for your token:

Step1: Fork the Aryacoin’s Assets Github repository which is located at:

You can do…


Stable coins based on fiat currencies have existed for a long time on blockchains like Bitcoin , Ethererum , Tron and Binance Chain for a long time. These coins provide a link between the real fiat currencies and the blockchain and allow these currencies to be transferred and enforce…


Aryacoin works to build a better cryptocurrency ecosystem by upholding the core principles of crypto.

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